Geekbench 2 Pro Standalone Mode

Geekbench 2 Pro allows you to run Geekbench as a standalone (or portable) installation. Standalone mode let you run Geekbench from removable media (such as a USB stick or a network drive) without saving your license information to the computer you're testing. Standalone mode is perfect for testing systems that belong to your clients or to your fellow employees.

Setting up standalone mode is fairly straightforward. Once you've downloaded Geekbench 2 just follow these steps:

  1. Create an empty file called "Geekbench 2.preferences" in either the same directory or the parent directory of the directory with the Geekbench executable.

  2. Run Geekbench. You will be prompted for your Geekbench license information. Enter your Geekbench 2 Pro license key (Geekbench 2 license keys won't work).

Once you've completed these steps you will have a fully-licensed Geekbench 2 Pro standalone installation. If you haven't already, copy the directory (including the Geekbench 2.preferences file) to your external drive and you're all set!